High Pressure AntiErosion PVC Spray Hose for Garden Equipments

MATERIAL:                                                      PVC COLOUR:                                                          BLUE SHAPE:                                                              ROUND WITHSTAND WATER PRESSURE:           2.5MPA) THICKNESS:                                                   3mm LENGTH:                                                         30-100m SIZE:                                                                  1/4-5/8 Inch NOMINAL OUTER DIAMETER:                8*14mm WORKING TEMPERATURE;                   5℃-56℃

FEATURES:Metal joint, close fitting to prevent water leakage, good toughness, soft all the year round, cold resistance and frost resistance. Multi-layer composite with good compression resistance. A variety of specifications are available.

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High Pressure AntiErosion PVC Spray Hose for Garden Equipments



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Water Supple Pipe


Drainpipe,Water Supply Pipe,Agricultural Irriget

The production process of PVC plastic hose is very strict for the control of molding temperature. Its main components are polyvinyl chloride polyhydro ethylene, bright color, corrosion resistance and durability. Due to the addition of some toxic auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents in the manufacturing process, it can enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility, so its products do not normally store food and medicine. PVC plastic hose has obvious advantages compared with ordinary hose, product characteristics and advantages, so it has been widely used. Plastic hose has good flexibility, small bending radius and light weight PVC plastic hose is inlaid with metal, and the pipe wall is relatively smooth without bubbles. It is also durable and not easy to aging. It can also be used in various extreme environments, such as high temperature, cold, humidity, etc; Long service life. Compared with ordinary hose, it has obvious advantages and can be used as gas pipe and water pipe in life. PVC transparent steel wire hose meets the requirements of many enterprises for new pipes, solves the shortcomings of easy aging and poor adaptability of traditional hoses, and can be used to transport many domestic liquid resources, such as water, oil, etc. The performance of PVC transparent steel wire hose has also reached the advanced level of industrial products, and has been widely used in various fields.

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